3 Tips for CampNaNo Success:

1. Set a reasonable word count goal

One of the best things about the campy version of NaNoWriMo is the flexible word count. Take advantage of that and set a goal that is achievable — a bit of a stretch but doable. Mine is 25 thousand words this month. Half of a normal NaNo. That’s 750 words a day. Piece of cake.

2. Choose a project that fires you up!

If I’m not in love with my story, it won’t get written. For April’s camp I chose to write a story that I was just ‘meh’ about and I didn’t hit my word goal. The story you are writing should beg to be told. If you are able to ignore it, consider changing up your plot, characters or ditch the whole thing and start over. Life is too short to write something that doesn’t charge you up. I’m taking advantage of this month to work on my re-write of Roanoke Vanishing. And I love that I’m getting closer to publication with every word I write!

3. Stay the course

Break down your monthly goal into daily or weekly goals and then commit to hitting that word count – No Matter What! Decide that you WILL succeed. And then you will. Pretty simple actually. I choose to squeeze in words whenever I can. If I have 15 minutes to spare I race myself to see how many words I can write. Also, I block out specific times for writing. When I set aside a chunk of time I’m able to focus better and usually it’s those longer stretches where I kick some seriousness novelling-bootie.

So, set the word count goal, choose a story idea that you love and then WRITE the story…no matter what! You’ll see – by the end of July you will be well on your way to more confidence as a writer and closer than ever to finishing your book.

Success is really just a decision away! Believe you can do it and you can.

Happy Writing Campers!

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