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Last Day to get Maya Vanishing for 99cents

Hey Readers! Did you read Roanoke Vanishing? Were you irritated about the twisty, almost cliffhanger at the end? Well, if you haven’t heard, Maya Vanishing is on sale. Today is the last day that you can pick it up for 99cents. Now you can follow Avery on her adventure and discover as she does who should be trusted and who should be feared. What if history changes everything you thought you knew about your future? Avery Lane’s search for the tablet and clues to unravel the mystery around the Descendants continue in book two, Maya Vanishing, as she travels to the Yucatan to explore Mayan Ruins. Avery will find more than she bargained for and will soon learn that the Descendants will stop at nothing to ensure the tablet remains buried. In Roanoke Vanishing, Avery works to uncover the secret behind the Lost Colony of Roanoke. In her search, she encounters a mysterious group that wants to keep the clues of the colony buried. Unwilling to be deterred, Avery taps into her stubborn side and charges forward to solve this most fascinating of history’s mysteries. Her tenacity pushes her forward in Maya Vanishing, as she is unwilling to let the Descendants get the best of her. Still not sure? Here’s what readers are saying about Maya Vanishing: “I became enthralled by this book from the very first sentence. I started...

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My Word of the Year: Intimacy

Do you pick a word for the year and then try to focus on that in all your interactions throughout the year? I’ve heard of others who do that both personally and professionally, but I never have intentionally done that. Unintentionally, my word for 2016 was courage, but I didn’t know that until the end of the year rolled around and looked back at my nearly constant wrestling match with fear. This year, I’m trying it intentionally. My word for 2017 is intimacy. I think it’s an area where I can do and need to do better. Intimacy is...

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I Blew 2016! (Hint: It was Fun And I’d Do It Again)

  You guys (and girls), I totally blew 2016. Let me tell you why it was worth it. This is one of my favorite posts of the year. The one where I look back over the past year and identify the things I want to tweak, celebrate the victories, and generally evaluate the year in terms of my overall happiness. Then I get to turn the page to the new year and apply those lessons to my new catalog of goals. Translation: I admit my failings, search through the wreckage for a silver lining, and commit to a reboot!...

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Are You Terrified of Chasing Your Dreams? Just Jump!

I’m an Expert. At Fear. This is sort of a funny thing. I’ve wanted to be an expert at something for as long as I’ve known what the word “expert” meant. But you know what’s interesting about that is that I’ve known what the word fear meant for longer, at a bone-deep level.       Huh. I’d like to formally announce to the world that I have stepped in to my own. I’ve finally become an expert at something. Auburn Seal. Expert Scaredy-pants. You were worried there for a minute, right? You might have had a thought like,...

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Losing Forever, Finding Hope

I’ve been thinking a lot about loss and Hope lately and invariably my thoughts turn to the lessons I’ve learned about religion and faith, both in and out of church. I learned a long time ago that Hope is fuel for the soul. Actually it was about six years ago. I’d had a particularly difficult time managing my depression and anxiety and was seeing a therapist on a pretty regular basis to help me deal. I was still mired in all things faith and God at that time, fat lot of good that did me but I digress. The...

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Maya Vanishing Maya Vanishing
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The Immortals: A Vampire Fairytale, Episode 1 The Immortals: A Vampire Fairytale, Episode 1
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ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.00)

First Watch First Watch
reviews: 2
ratings: 12 (avg rating 4.75)

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