Presidium Vignettes: Volume One
Mary Martin vs. Herself and Ingrid vs. Her Mom Two tales from the Presidium world and both spinoffs from the Inept Witches Mysteries penned by Auburn Seal and Amanda A. Allen. In Ingrid Vs Her Mom: You'd think that seeing your mom after a while would be good news. You'd be wrong if you were Ingrid Pickford. When Ingrid receives the news, she sets aside every single bit of her laziness and enacts a series of hi-jinx to prevent her mom from realizing that the bookstore Ingrid runs with her best friend is a dust bunny's paradise and haunted. At the same time, she's confronting her feelings for the Gabe. It might be all be more than Ingrid can handle or will she be successful in creating a faux life for her mom while deciding what she wants in her real life? In Mary Martin Vs Herself: Mary Martin has a difficult past. She can see ghosts, she relived the murder of her mother who was killed by necromancers...and she's forced to face that she's one too. Reeling from the emotion of her mother's funeral, she must decide how her past will shape her future. Can she forge a new path, free of magic that has tainted her entire life?
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