It’s that time again- the time when my manuscript(s) are ready to be viewed by the human eye. These are NOT final drafts. In fact, the beta reading process is another step in the journey from rough draft to final.

If you are interested in beta reading for me, click on this link. Just answer a couple questions so I know what types of story you are interested in reading and that’s it. I’m currently looking for readers of Chasing Monsters (a novella length) and The Immortals (a serial).

I’ll send you the manuscript and once you are done reading, you just answer a handful of questions about what you read, i.e. what you liked, hated, whatever!

Then you get a mention in the acknowledgement section of each story that you beta read.

Let me know if you have questions! Once again, click here for the next step!

Eternally grateful,


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