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Last Day to get Maya Vanishing for 99cents

Hey Readers! Did you read Roanoke Vanishing? Were you irritated about the twisty, almost cliffhanger at the end? Well, if you haven’t heard, Maya Vanishing is on sale. Today is the last day that you can pick it up for...

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Launch Day is here!!

I’m blogging over at Writing Pearls today to talk about what it’s like to launch a book! Head over there and give Jessica and Amanda some love. ❤️ You’ll also find links for Maya! Happy Friday!!...

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Roanoke Vanishing Roanoke Vanishing
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The Scent of Death The Scent of Death
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Maya Vanishing Maya Vanishing
reviews: 5
ratings: 23 (avg rating 4.30)

The Immortals: A Vampire Fairytale, Episode 1 The Immortals: A Vampire Fairytale, Episode 1
reviews: 3
ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.00)

First Watch First Watch
reviews: 2
ratings: 12 (avg rating 4.75)

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