Today marks 6 months since Roanoke Vanishing went live on Amazon. It’s been a wild and crazy (and perfectly amazing!) six months. This calls for a celebration, don’t ya think? See the end for a giveaway of my entire catalog!


In that time, I’ve released the initial e-book, a paperback version and maybe most exciting, an audio version, available at Also in that time, the audio version of the short story, The Strong One, was released.

The Strong One


When I set out on this publishing journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I decided to set some goals.  I needed something to measure, a way to track success. In the first six months I planned to release the paperback and ebook. I also decided I would sell 500 copies and have 50 reviews posted on Amazon. It seemed reasonable to me that about 10% of readers would leave a review.  I pulled these numbers right out of the air because I really had no idea how Roanoke Vanishing would be received. This was my first novel, after all, and other than friends and family and a *very* small blog following, I essentially had no audience. Now that I look back, it’s kind of funny that I thought I could sell 500 copies in the first six months.

Nobody has ever accused me of having small aspirations. Ever.

I’m thrilled that the ebook and audio books were released. Check and check. (-:

Now I’ll report on the other goals (the ones that I didn’t really have any control over).

I got surprisingly close to my goals.

Sales (10/30/13-4/30/14):  412 total copies

Reviews: 39 Almost exactly 10%…pretty cool, right?!

Here’s the breakdown:

Ebooks Total: 369 (22 of which were borrows from the Kindle Lending Library)

Audio Total: 32

Paperback: 11

These are just the totals for Roanoke Vanishing. One thing I was surprised to see-and that had never occurred to me to set goals for–were international sales.  While Roanoke Vanishing had it’s one and only international sale in March (Thanks Amazon UK!), I was pleasantly surprised to see that my short story, The Strong One, sold in Germany, Italy, Canada, the UK, and Japan. Only one or two copies in each market but still, that’s fun, right?!

I’ll add that my goals for the ONE YEAR mark are 1,000 total sales for RV and 100 total reviews. We’ll see how it goes!

In the meantime, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve and coming soon (hopefully well before that year mark!).


First, a super-hero genesis story entitled Chasing Monsters. Here’s a look at the cover.


And also, an urban fantasy vampire fairytale (serial style) called The Immortals.


With new goals to consider like international sales (wahoo!), I’m very excited to see what the next t months brings!


Oh, I forgot! I’m doing a Happy Anniversary giveaway! Winner gets the audio book and ebook of BOTH of my currently published pieces, Roanoke Vanishing and The Strong One. My entire current library of works! Fun, right?


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