It’s been a year since Roanoke Vanishing went live on Amazon as an ebook last October, thereby launching what has become my somewhat unexpected and surprisingly fulfilling career as a novelist. And what a year it has been! I never anticipated the many exciting milestones that would follow the release of Roanoke Vanishing.

The paperback followed the ebook release in November 2013. There is something special about holding that first real book in your hands. I will never forget that feeling. Then the audiobook followed in February. Hearing someone else read my story was surreal. Absolutely incredible!

Watching my book come into the world in its first year of life has been a priceless experience that I will always hold close. When I first released RV, I had no idea what goals to set for the book or what success would look like. So I came up with completely random numbers for the first year–things that I wanted the book to accomplish in its first year–that would help me to measure success.

One thousand books. I wanted a thousand people to hold my book in their hands, see it on their e-readers, or listen to it. And then I hoped that 10% of those people would then leave a review. I didn’t have an expectation for what those reviews would say, although of course I hoped they would be at least somewhat favorable and not completely embarrassing.

I hoped for 1000 transactions and 100 reviews. And it was a tentative hope. I don’t know a thousand people and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make that happen. It was definitely a pipe dream. How did Roanoke do in its first year? Let’s just say I’m a happy, happy book mama!

To start with, I’ve sold more than 75 audiobooks since Roanoke came out on audio in February and several dozen paperback editions. Small numbers but still satisfying. But now it gets really exciting.

Roanoke Vanishing was downloaded on ebook by more than 19,000 people! What?! Yep. 19,000. I mean…seriously. Way surpassed what I even dared to hope for. Maybe even more exciting than the number of downloads is that my book has been downloaded in more than 11 countries! Eleven! Ah! Seriously. Hard to breathe at the thought of this.

While I fell short of reviews, it was close. As of today, I have 97 reviews out of the 100 I hoped for. Can’t even be sad about that! Plus, RV has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. That is what success looks like. At least to me! (-:

At the end of this remarkable year, I have realized something. I just wanted *someone, anyone* to like my book. And the fact that a *few* people like it, well, that just makes me a little weak in the knees!

As we speak the sequel to Roanoke Vanishing–Maya Vanishing–is with my editor getting some love. I expect to present that book to the world in the next two months (maybe three), it does need to be fully developed before in makes its appearance.

Also, the second series I am working on was released this year. The Immortals: A Vampire Fairytale was first released in serial form, one episode at a time until the completion of the first season. Season one is now available in paperback!

Holding that second book was just as amazing as holding book one!

Thank you times a million for downloading, reading, and reviewing my books. Thanks for sharing the love and helping me to feel amazing!

Happy Birthday to Roanoke Vanishing! Here’s to many more years of success with this book and the rest of the creations floating around in my head!

Now it’s the eve of National Novel Writing Month. Time to bust out another book, peeps! Have an amazing November!



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