An inspirational podcast from author and gypsy-in-hiding Auburn Seal. Life is for living, but sometimes we forget how to get past the fear. In this podcast, Auburn tackles some of the tough and divisive issues that sometimes prevent us from speaking and living our truth. She discusses sensational issues like love, hope, fear, religion, friends, careers and the way these can affect our confidence. Join her and her special guests for inspiration and motivation and learn how to take advantage of The Living Years.

Auburn relives her journey from the heights of confident college grad, through the swamps of loss, depression, anxiety, and grief, to her current destination somewhere between creative, brave, and free. Listen as she shares her experiences: her victories and her failures. Learn to triumph over life’s obstacles and borrow some of her optimism.

It’s easier to be brave with a friend.

Say it Loud. Let it Be.

Listen to Episode 1 Here.