With Roanoke Vanishing off to the editor and beta readers, I have some extra time on my hands. Yes, some of it has been spent scrubbing dishes and dealing with piles of laundry that piled up during that last week before my deadline. But now that my house is in decent order again, my mind is spinning with possibilities.

I found myself at the library today. I had a spare 10 minutes to do a quick search for books that I will need to accurately write book 2 in the Vanishing series. I wonder if anyone here can guess what I was searching for? Don’t guess if you are a beta reader and already got to the end of the book. That would be cheating! (-:

An idea for a suspenseful short story came to me today. I need to fine tune it but I’m excited to take a few days and work that out. A couple writer friends and I are doing a fun little contest writing a scary story this month in honor of the upcoming spooky season!

It’s true that I LOVE the Vanishing series and am so excited to write more of it, but it is also very rewarding to take a few side trips.

Any requests? If you have an idea you’d like to see me write a short story for, reply here or send me an email.

Hope everyone is having a lovely September.

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