So, I’m reading a book ‘The Art and Craft of Storytelling’ by Nancy Lamb and I came across a couple quotes that made me laugh. Thought I’d share them with you for fun.

The first, referencing what we commonly refer to as the inner critic: ‘Instead of cowering, take a deep breath and tell that double-dealing, undermining, life-negating, confidence-stealing dominatrix to shut her mouth, back off your personal stage, and stay in the basement where she belongs.’

For any writer that has had to quiet that inner voice, however impolitely, this is SO funny. And true.

And second, the author quoted a British writer by the name of Paul Johnson, ‘It cannot be emphasized too strongly that balanced, well-adjusted, stable and secure people do NOT, on the whole, make good writers.’ That might as well have said ‘Congrats, Auburn! You are perfectly un-balanced to be a writer! Right?

Given the fact that the first quote tells us that to be successful as writers we have to talk to ourselves, it’s not entirely out of the question that we would become unstable as we learn to do just that. Although, in my case I’m pretty sure the basket-case status came first and the writing came out of that. For other people, who knows. The chicken or the egg? Maybe we will never know.

One last quote, not from the above mentioned book, but still fitting along with the ‘mental’ theme: ‘Writing is the only socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.’ -Unknown (by me, anyway)

Yay for me and my many, many personalities!!

See ya on the crazy train!

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