Welcome to Kendawyn!

Welcome to Kendawyn, where the nobles that grace high society are also vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mages, and reapers. These supernatural species co-exist peacefully and generally go about their lives consumed with the trappings of a society that is divided more by class than race.

Kendawyn is a pocket universe wherein those humans with a recessive magical gene who dwell in the Mortal Realm can travel when they are faced with a great need. For some, they travel to Kendawyn at the moment of their death and exist as ghosts. Others happen into this idyllic world for reasons they don’t yet know.

You want to know what else is really cool about this fantasy land? There are three authors writing in this same world. We are each telling our own stories within the magical world of Kendawyn.

Two of us are publishing this week. Actually, right now! This is our announcement that both Amanda A. Allen’s Compelled By Love and my Goodbye Love are ready for your enjoyment.

It’s Finally Here!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Goodbye Love is ready!


Grace Carson is desperate to find her sister who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The search takes her to a strange world with supernatural creatures. Philip Daventry offers his assistance, but will trusting Philip be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make?






Isn’t that cover SO pretty?! I might love it. Maybe. *evil cackle*

Here’s Amanda’s Compelled By Love, also available right now!





Alice lives a quiet life in a small hamlet of Kendawyn until she risks everything to save a hunted man.

Will that choice give her everything she’s ever wanted or ruin her life?



We really hope you love this world as much as we do.


Look for another book in this world written by Pamela Welsh later this spring!

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