I’ve been bouncing some ideas around lately about my writing community and the various dynamics that exist.

There are so many personalities that I encounter on a regular basis. We come together filled with enthusiasm and energy, we back away when our projects pull us under, and invariably we come together again fueled by a grit to get the work done.

Because we are all creatives, we tend to get a little crazy from time to time.

Maybe a lot.

But that’s what makes us lovable. Or insane. Or something.

Have you all seen the meme that talks about the type of friends women have? It illustrates the needs we have and how no one person meets all those needs. The take home message of that post stuck with me. We all need people and for different reasons.


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 4.29.10 PM


I find that my writing friends function in the exact same way. We get different things from each other. And at different times. As we pass through different seasons in our writing careers, it is a wonderful thing to have a core group that supports and consoles each other.



Some of my peers provide motivation, high energy, and encouragement. Some bring their technical skills to our community and selflessly give of their time so that “no author is left behind”. Some of them are consistent, always keeping the wheel moving when the rest of us are flitting around refilling our creativity well. All of them support my projects and help spread the word. They offer a safe place for me to vent frustrations when I’m trying to keep up with all the new marketing trends that have a life of their own and try to murder me. They help me to sort out my priorities when I take on too many projects and forget how to breathe.

We sort of hover around each other, pulling the energy, the inspiration, and the dedication from the “group” to better the individual.

I want to use this blog post as a way to express my gratitude to those in my community that make writing fun, challenging, and interesting.  As I’ve been prepping for launching Maya Vanishing, one of my toughest projects to date, I’ve thought a lot about all the support I’ve received from my writing friends over the years that we’ve grown together. I think actually that I can just call them friends. We write together, but I’ve come to love all the quirky people that make up my peer group.

Here’s to you, First We Eat! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, your encouraging words, your knowledge of local coffee shops, and just for being you. A special thanks to the online community of writers worldwide who support me and make my writing life richer in their own unique way. You truly make the world a smaller, better place!

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