Happy November all you Nano-ers out there!  Today it begins.  I went to our regional kickoff party last night and made a new friend, which I always LOVE to do!  The environment was electric with the enthusiasm and new and returning writers that are committed to the writing frenzy that is November.   To give a special insight into what this month can be like for those participating in the novel-a-month I’ll be posting throughout the month with updates.  I’ll apologize in advance for the word count updates: those are the life blood of Nano.  All it takes is 1,667 words a day for 30 days to complete a rough draft of a manuscript.  We live and die by that daily word count!  Comment below if you are doing Nano!  The more the merrier, right?  And if you aren’t doing Nano but wonder what all the hype is about, ask away!!

Last night I began writing after midnight but I only got 1 partial scene written before my eyes took on a life of their own and kept closing while I was mid-sentence.  Grrr…best laid plans to hit 5K last night were not realized.  Luckily for me, there is still lots of time left in this first day of Nano.  The first day is filled with so many possibilities.  I just love it.

If you have a friend that is participating in Nano this year, remember to cheer them on occasionally.  They could really use the support!  Embarking on a project like this requires people to muster up all their courage and commit to a huge goal.  It can be a scary time.  Participants:  Remember that you aren’t alone.  There are many crazy, amazing people doing the same thing as you right now.  So, banish that inner editor and get going!


Word Count to Date: 826

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