This is the page where you learn all about who Auburn Seal is and what the purpose of this site is. Instead of a snappy one-liner, I’m giving you the complicated version. Because that is what you’ll get from here on out. Complicated and real.


The job of this page is to attract the right people and repel the wrong people as quickly as possible. By the time you get to the end, you should know whether you’ll be silently cheering me on in a “Go get it, girl” kind of way or if you’ll be running frightened from my overuse of swear words and my tendency for embarrassing honesty. Either way, I wish you the best. Stick around and learn more or save yourself the heartache of my angsty honesty. Your call.

You want some insight into me? Writing these “about” pages feels like writing an obituary. I start to get panicky if the things I write don’t feel legit enough or professional enough or important enough. So this isn’t going to be a “check out how accomplished I am”. Instead, this is going to be, “Hey, I’m doing a ton of cool shit that makes me feel happy and alive and I like sharing it with people” kind of site. Friends, strangers, people who agree with me, people who don’t.

Auburn writes books. She talks about religion and fear and hope and love and living authentically. She fictions, she non-fictions, she podcasts. She makes book covers and formats novels and likes to to talk about plotting. She likes to help people and also people irritate the hell out of her. Good luck figuring out which mood she’s in.

She is all the things. And none of the things. She describes herself as a gypsy-in-hiding. Feel free to ask her what that means. Maybe she’ll figure out the answer by the time you find her email address.

Also, writing about myself in third person as though I have a full team of PR people making me look good is sort of ridiculous. I’m going to go ahead and stop doing that right about that last paragraph.

From here, you can check out my fiction books that are already published. You can read random musings I make about life, love, annoying people, and important shit on my blog. But I am not a blogger. Don’t get any crazy ideas into your head. That sort of title comes with expectations for consistent experty shit that I don’t possess.

You can check out my fledgling podcast that is all about telling the truth in what can be a scary world. You can even wonder about the release dates of my non-fiction projects. I’ll be wondering with you. There is no date. Do not ask. When I know it, I will give it to you.


I am not a perfectionist. I do the things I do because they bring me joy. If you find a misspelled word or improper use of grammar, you have my permission to smile and think of me fondly. You can think “I’m glad she’s so busy speaking the truth as it is to her that she doesn’t have time to obsess about perfection” or you can think, “This bitch is a hack, an imposter”. Both of these statements are true.

I do what I do because it makes me happy, not because I want to be perfect. In my experience, the more I struggle to attain perfection or professional or proper, the further from passion I get. And passion is where I live.

I have a motto that is tattooed on my left forearm. “Let it Be”. So in the interest of that mantra, if you have something nice to say, say it. If you don’t, fuck off.


I used to have several different websites for the different “things” I do. It was an effort to keep my life compartmentalized. It was really a bunch of fear shrouded in the false cloak of professionalism. Whatever that even means. I worried that my fiction readers might be offended by my attitudes about church and religion. I worried that my intellectual audience that tended to agree with me on matters of religion and politics would think my fiction work to be juvenile or unimportant. I mean, it’s ghosts and vampires and shit. Judgement sort of comes with the territory. I worried that my graphic design side-hustle (I like to fuck around in photoshop and making book covers and logos and graphics for social media is fun for me. Sometimes I even rock that shit out like I know what I’m doing) would be confusing to promote along side my own novels or my non-fiction work. I worried that my coaching and education services for authors wouldn’t fit into any of those categories as well. So I have something like 7 different websites. It was insane. I’m not a web designer. I limp along through my own WordPress theme in the hopes that I can pull something passable out of my ass. Trying to maintain multiple sites was an exercise in insanity.

So here we are. All the gypsy like things that make me who I am are in one place. Simple and honest is what I’m going for. And where I’m going, there is no room for fear. So if you need a book cover, overlook that I swear like a sailor. If you want to learn how to plot a rock-solid book, decide not to be offended by my politics. Or be offended and the get the fuck outta here.


Oh, and welcome to my website.